Premium Drinks, premium quality alcohol. Only top brands

premium beverages

Quality and service go hand in hand.

All our cocktails are made with top brand spirits. Our philosophy is to "cook" our cocktails with a quality base in order to achieve a star product.

At the beginning of this project it was always clear to us that the quality of our drinks would be our best letter of introduction. That is why we only work with distillates from top premium brands.

Cocktail origin

Did you know that?

The cocktail bar was born in the apothecaries or pharmacies that acted as "mixers of everything" in pursuit of a cure or pain relief. For example, the ancient "eau vitae" or "water of life", which later became the word eau-de-vie. This was more a medicinal remedy than a pleasure for the palate.

Cocktails made sense at the height of Prohibition in the United States in 1920, when people were making their own distilled spirits and had to give them a different twist to cover up any shortcomings or flaws in the making.

Cocktail La Perla negra
The best team of waiters and waitresses to make you feel at home.

The novelist

What does it mean?

The word novelero or novelera is used in the Canary Islands to refer to a fun-loving party person. Knowing this, we could not have chosen a better name for our bar to transmit a bit of our roots to our customers.

novelero, ra.

1. adj. Very fond of parties. I have never seen a more novel person: she is always ready for any party or meal to which she is invited..

That's the spirit we want to convey to our customers! Always ready to have a good time with our customers!

our environment    costa teguise

History of the "Pueblo Marinero

Although it cannot be attributed solely to the César Manrique the design of "The Seafaring VillageWe can confirm their collaboration in the project.

In this village we find houses, a large shopping area and a well-known square where many events are held, such as the Carnival festivities, the Canary Islands Day or the popular street market that takes place every Friday. It is of exquisite taste and a faithful homage to traditional Canarian architecture, with white walls, impeccable green carpentry and pleasant garden areas.
Its main entrance with an imposing arch and a multitude of chimneys reminiscent of those found in any village on the island stand out.

A good place for drinks and cocktails. The waiters are very nice, the piña colada is delicious. They also have some local beers.

Alexandra, Google

Fabulous little bar. A great addition to Costa Teguise. Staff are really friendly and polite. Very good service. Cocktails are delicious. ?
Heater's out side where fab as a little nippy at night. Definitely must visit you want to be disappointed

Rosalind, Facebook

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